General Description

Zovirax Ireland (generic name: Acyclovir) represents an antiviral drug. Its basic function is to slow the spread and growth of the herpes virus inside the patient’s body. Zovirax will not fully cure herpes but will lessen the symptoms of the infection itself.

Zovirax Ireland originally comes from the family of antiviral medicines and acts as an active ingredient, which is used in a number of medications. Zovirax Ireland is prescribed in the following cases:

  • frequent herpes genitalis recurrences (more than 6 episodes a year);
  • initial episodes and symptoms of herpes genitalis;
  • varicella (i.e. chickenpox) and herpes zoster (i.e. shingles).

Zovirax Ireland is basically a white, crystalline powder with the maximum solubility of in water of 1.3 mg/mL at room temperature of 25°C. Zovirax is available in 200 mg, 400 mg, 800 mg doses. This medicine is for oral administration and should be swallowed with plenty of water.

Clinical studies have shown usually the patients suffering from severe, recurring, prolonged symptoms are the ones, who most likely will feel the benefits of Zovirax Ireland. Early treatment of acute herpes zoster (shingles) with Zovirax among immunocompetent patients has shown the following results: decrease in time for full healing, decrease in viral shedding, acute pain reduction, dissemination reduction etc.

Varicella (chickenpox) treatment with Zovirax Ireland of immunocompetent patients has shown the following results: reduction of the total lesions number and accelerated progression of lesions to healed conditions. Besides that, the number of residual hypopigmented lesions has also decreased. In addition, Zovirax Ireland treatment has resulted in overall fever decrease and basic symptoms of chickenpox.

Important Information

Zovirax Ireland is to be taken for the entire period of time that was prescribed by your physician. The symptoms are subject to improvement prior to complete cure of the infection. Hence, the treatment with Zovirax should be initiated as soon as possible, right after the first symptoms appear (e.g. burning, tingling, blisters).

Herpes infections are very contagious and you can actually infect other people, even while you are undergoing treatment with Zovirax Ireland. Hence, it is advised for patients to avoid exposing the infected areas to direct contact with other people. In addition, avoid touching the infected zone and then touching your eyes. Maintain your hygiene and wash hands on a frequent basis to prevent any possible passing of the infection to other people.

Side Effects

Certain Zovirax Ireland side effects may not require any medical attention at all. As patient’s body adjusts to the medication the side effects may actually go away. Your physician may assist you to reduce or prevent the side effects, but it is still better to check with doctor if any of the following side effects still persist:

If any of the following side effects appear and/or become worse during the treatment period with Zovirax, immediately contact your doctor. There are many patients, who do not experience any adverse side effects during Zovirax treatment.

More common Side Effects (for Zovirax injection only):

  • Swelling, pain and/or redness at the place of injection;

Less common Side Effects:

  • Decreased frequency of urination and/or urine amount;
  • Stomach or abdominal pain;
  • Loss of appetite;
  • Increased thirst;
  • Vomiting or nausea;
  • Unusual feeling of weakness or tiredness.

Rare Side Effects:

  • Blood in r stools or urine;
  • Tarry, black stools;
  • Fever, chills and/or sore throat;
  • Overall confusion;
  • Hallucinations (hearing, seeing or feeling things, which are actually not there);
  • Convulsions (seizures);
  • Hives;
  • Trembling;
  • Distinct red spots on skin;
  • Unusual bruising or bleeding.


Before taking Zovirax Ireland, discuss with your doctor about any allergies to this medicine. Zovirax may contain some inactive ingredients, which can cause certain allergic reactions as well as other health problems. Hence, it is important to provide your full medical history to the doctor, who is going to supervise your treatment: kidney issues, weakened immune system (e.g. kidney transplant, HIV, bone marrow transplant). Although Zovirax Ireland may cause dizziness or drowsiness very rarely, please abstain from driving cars, operating machinery, or taking part in any type of activities that may actually require full alertness from you until you are fully confident to perform those activities without causing any harm to your health. Ensure you abstain from any alcoholic beverages while undergoing the treatment period of Zovirax Ireland. Before undergoing a surgery, consult with your doctor and/or dentist regarding all the medications you take as well as prescription drugs, non-prescription drugs and herbal products. Avoid certain immunizations and/or vaccinations (e.g. varicella virus vaccine etc.) without written permission from your physician. Take the missed dose of Zovirax as soon as you remember about it. Please, skip the missed dose in case, if it is almost about time for you to take the next scheduled dose. Avoid taking and extra dose in order to make up the dose you’ve missed.