Phentermine is a drug that is used to reduce weight. Obese people can take this medicine to achieve the ideal weight, as well as to improve the symptoms of obesity-related diseases, like diabetes, high blood pressure and others. Although Phentermine is not for sale in Ireland, people with extra kilograms can buy the medicine online.

Phentermine belongs to the pharmaceutical class of anorectics. Another name for the drugs in this group is sympathomimetics. The therapeutic effect of Phentermine is aimed at suppressing the appetite. The drug affects the hypothalamus – the area of ​​the brain that controls the feeling of hunger. After a single dose, the patient needs a minimal amount of food to satisfy hunger.

Against the background of the rapidly rising levels of obesity in Ireland, Phentermine is becoming an increasingly popular weight loss drug. To achieve a perfect weight, patients can take:

  • capsules
  • pills
  • orally disintegrating tablets (ODT)
  • sustained-release capsules (ER)

Tablets can contain 8 or 37.5 mg of the active substance, capsules – 15 mg, 30 mg, 37.5 mg or 40 mg. After the administration of conventional tablets or capsules, Phentermine is well absorbed into the systemic bloodstream and provides a fast anorexic effect. However, a sharp increase in the concentration of the drug contributes to side effects.

If you buy ER Phentermine capsules in Ireland, you will get a drug that provides a slow flow of the active substance into the systemic bloodstream. ER capsules allow regulating the rate of the active ingredient absorption into the blood. Thus, the duration of anorexigenic effect increases and the probability of side effects decreases.

According to Dr. Conall Dennedy, one of the best endocrinologists in Ireland, Phentermine is effective only for the treatment of alimentary obesity, that is, overweight due to overeating. The drug will not contribute to weight loss, if the causes of obesity are changes in the endocrine profile or administration of certain medications.

All Phentermine dosage forms have a minimum dosing frequency. The only exception is 8 mg tablets, which must be taken three times a day with each main meal.

Regardless of the Phentermine dosage that you buy, several recommendations should be followed during the pharmacotherapy of obesity:

  • the drug is contraindicated for children under 12 years of age and for older people over 65 years of age;
  • to avoid insomnia, you should avoid taking medication late in the evening;
  • the effectiveness of Phentermine for weight loss increases significantly, if you take the medicine in combination with diet and exercise.

People whose BMI is equal to or exceeds 30 kg/m2 (or 27 kg/m2 with concomitant risk factors), should buy and start using Phentermine. Ireland’s most famous weight management advisors claim that obesity relapse happens rarely, when it is treated with Phentermine.

The dosage form and dosage are selected only by the attending physician individually for each patient. To reduce hunger, it is enough to take the pill once in the morning (or three times a day, if the patient uses 8 mg tablets). The drug should not be used in prolonged weight loss programs. Sustained response is achieved after a 3-month course of Phentermine anti-obesity treatment.

The medicine is not available for sale in conventional Irish pharmacies. To get the drug and start a successful pharmacotherapy of obesity, you need to order Phentermine in one of the online pharmacies. The drug is sold under such brands as Adipex, Ionamin, Duromine, Lomaira and others.

According to The Irish Nutrition and Dietetic Institute (professional organization for dietitians in Ireland), prescription Phentermine is suitable for the anti-obesity treatment in patients with a very high body mass index. But before buying Phentermine, the patient should make sure that he has no contraindications to the use of the drug, like:

  • pregnancy or lactation;
  • increased sensitivity to the active ingredient;
  • administration of the nervous system stimulants (MAO inhibitors, SSRI and others);
  • severe eating disorders (bulimia nervosa, anorexia and others);
  • history or genetic predisposition to serious cardiovascular diseases;
  • serious damage to the gastrointestinal tract (stomach ulcer, duodenal ulcer and others).

Phentermine does not cause serious health problems. But the risk of side effects significantly increases if the recommendations for use are not observed or in the drug overdose. Phentermine can cause dry mouth, decreased libido, dizziness, insomnia, tachycardia, or skin rash.

According to statistics, an increase in adolescent and adult obesity in Ireland and Northern Ireland are registered in recent years. Phentermine can become a salvage drug for obese Irish in their fight against overweight. Yet this requires an approval of this weight loss drug from the Health Products Regulatory Authority (HPRA).